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SafeWater Technology Corporation/MIOX® Corporation SafeWater Technology -- Shipbuilding Cruise Industry Partner for MIOX
7 days ago

Safewater Management for Cruise Ships

Safe water management onboard any ship is a challenge, a challenge magnified exponentially onboard the world’s largest cruise ships with thousands of passengers and crew in close quarters. Global h... See More

Wärtsilä Finland
22 days ago

Reverse Osmosis plants give Wärtsilä full fresh water generator offering

The technology group Wärtsilä introduces the latest addition to its range of fresh water generators. The company now offers Reverse Osmosis (RO) plants, as well as its existing line of Evaporators,... See More

last 22 days ago
SafeWater Technology -- Shipbuilding Cruise Industry Partner for MIOX
7 months ago

SafeWater is the MIOX® Chlorine Generators/MOS Shipbuilding + Cruise Industry Partner

MIOX® Corporation has been manufacturing reliable and cost-effective on site generators for water disinfection for over 20 years.

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