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Hydrex Belgium
5 days ago

Leaking overboard pipe repaired on-site in Southampton

Last month our diver/technicians carried out a pipe repair on a 200-meter roro ship during her stop in Southampton, UK. The vessel was suffering a leak as a result of corrosion damage to the pipe a... See More

Hydrex Belgium
1 month ago

Fast underwater repairs using flexible mobdocks

Hydrex is able to perform a wide variety of operations with its flexible mobdocks. These enable us to create a dry environment underwater for our divers to work in. The technology was first used in... See More

last 1 month ago
Hydrex Belgium
2 months ago

Class approved permanent hull repairs keep your vessel afloat

Hydrex offers class approved repairs combining both underwater cofferdam installation and inside dry welding. Both parts of such an operation are performed by the same team of in-house trained dive... See More

Hydrex Belgium
2 months ago

Pipe repairs on cruise ship in Uruguay

Last month our diver/technicians carried out a pipe repair on a 238-meter cruise ship during her stop in Punta Del Este, Uruguay. The vessel was suffering a leak as a result of corrosion damage to ... See More

Hydrex Belgium
2 months ago

Propeller blade repairs in Antwerp and Tenerife

Last month a team of our diver/technicians traveled to Tenerife for an underwater propeller blade straightening on a 246-meter cruise ship. Almost simultaneously another team cropped the heavily be... See More

last 2 months ago
Hydrex Belgium
3 months ago

Stern tube seal repairs above and below the waterline

Recently our men carried out six stern tube seal operations all across Europe in a very short time span. In the latest issue of our magazine we published an article about two of those. You can also... See More

Hydrex Belgium
5 months ago

Propeller blade removal and reinstallation keeps ship out of drydock

An oil tanker needed its four propeller blades overhauled during a stop in Ghent, Belgium. We therefore sent a team to the vessel’s location to remove the blades on-site and reinstall them when the... See More

Hydrex Belgium
5 months ago

Underwater stern tube seal repair on tanker in Tenerife

Last month one of our diver/technician teams carried out an underwater stern tube seal repair on a tanker berthed in Tenerife. The ship was suffering from an oil leak, making an on-site repair nece... See More

Hydrex Belgium
6 months ago

Underwater bow thruster removal in Italy keeps container ship on schedule

Last month one of our teams removed a bow thruster from a 300-meter container ship. This was done during a stop in Italy. The unit needed to be overhauled and the operation had to be carried out wi... See More

Hydrex Belgium
6 months ago

Hydrex performs propeller repairs around the world as winter arrives

Our teams regularly carry out cold straightenings, croppings and other propeller blade modifications on vessels around the world.

last 6 months ago

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