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Content Writer, OceanHub
1 year ago

Maritime Policy Expert Seeks Transparency & Accountability

The OceanHub Interview With Orestis Schinas
Head of Research, Affinity Shipping LLP
1 year ago

Concern slowly rising within the Eurozone

It’s Germany’s disappointing performance and Italy’s instability causing the headache now.

Head of Research, Affinity Shipping LLP
1 year ago

Victory for Putin in Russia, but trouble expected in his relations with the West

Six years ago, Vladimir Putin won the presidential election, but there were still massive street protests calling for a “Russia without Putin”. But yesterday proved to be a very different day. Mr P... See More

Head of Research, Affinity Shipping LLP
1 year ago

Eurozone in trouble, China still booming

More negative results were announced for the Eurozone as a recent data release suggested that industrial production contracted by 1 per cent in January, from 0.4 per cent growth observed in Decembe... See More

Head of Research, Affinity Shipping LLP
1 year ago

POLICY: German carmakers are trump’s next target

President Donald Trump’s planned steel and aluminium tariffs have certainly shaken up the US political scene. Some Democrats surprising... See More

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