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Content Writer, OceanHub
9 months ago

Maritime Policy Expert Seeks Transparency & Accountability

The OceanHub Interview With Orestis Schinas
Content Writer, OceanHub
10 months ago

Teaching Maritime Safety Based On Real Life Lessons At Sea

The OceanHub Interview With Captain Mehrdad Behforouzi
last 49 years ago
Content Writer, OceanHub
11 months ago

Sowing The Seeds For A Sustainable Ocean Space

The Maritime executive and nautical instructor empowers the next generation of ocean engineers to take responsiblity to ensure a ... See More
Content Writer, OceanHub
11 months ago

Digitalization Creating Opportunities In Oil & Gas

By immersing himself in accelerated technology development throughout his Maritime career, the Norwegian technical writer relays his knowledge ... See More
Content Writer, OceanHub
12 months ago

Ship Captain Stands By 'Real Seamanship'

The Italian sea commander focuses his OceanHub Articles on the skills that successful captains need to demonstrate in order to steer their profession into ... See More
last 49 years ago
Content Writer, OceanHub
1 year ago

Changing Perceptions In Shipbuilding

As women make up just two percent of the world's Maritime workforce, Zornica Petrova has broken through barriers in Shi... See More
Content Writer, OceanHub
1 year ago

PR Professional Encourages Innovation Development

Over a career spanning 30 years and several industries, Christopher Moseley had unbridled access to innovative high-tech to... See More
Content Writer, OceanHub
1 year ago

A Shipbuilder's Passion Project Breaks Ice

Exploring his own science project that challenges current ice breaking practises in the Ocean Space, Kim Salmi hopes his OceanHub Artic... See More
last 49 years ago
Content Writer, OceanHub
1 year ago

Reshaping The Ocean Space After Escaping Iran

When he was 23, Siamak was jailed for attempting to flee his home country and had to dig deep to summon the courage for a second escape. Thirty ... See More
last 49 years ago
Charlie Flora  in Future of Fresh Seafood Content Writer, OceanHub
1 year ago

A Fresh Vision For The Local Fish Market

The fresh fish market industrialization is being questioned by a young, but already highly knowledgable, early-stage influencer,... See More

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