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OceanHub AS Norway
1 year ago

How to Create an Article for your Channel?

This 3 minutes video introduces how to create an article on OceanHub, and relate the article to your channel (for your group, event, brand or product).
OceanHub AS Norway
1 year ago

How to Add/ Invite Members to your Channel?

This 2 minute video introduces how you can add/ invite members and assign roles to them for your Channels on OceanHub, like Groups, Events, Brands or Products.
OceanHub AS Norway
1 year ago

How to Edit your BRAND channel on OceanHub?

This 3 minute video introduces how you edit and develop your brand channel, including logo, cover image, about description, contact information and tags.
OceanHub AS Norway
1 year ago

How to Create a BRAND Channel on OceanHub?

This video gives a short guide for how to create a brand channel for your corporation, startup, or any form of organisation.
Content Writer, OceanHub
1 year ago

What Makes A Good Article?

OceanHub is a vibrant knowledge community, bringing together people in a variety of ocean-related sectors fueled by an ecosystem of knowledge cont... See More
OceanHub AS Norway
1 year ago

A Quick Guide to Get Started

This short video introduces the following opportunities in the span of only 5 minutes: i) How to develop My Profile ii) H... See More

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