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The Chairman of the board is the highest officer of the company,appointed by the company shareholders. The Chair is the leader of the board of Directors in all aspects, leading the company in its relationship with shareholders, financial institutions and commentators. The role of the Chair also includes networking across current and prospective major players, and effectively positioning the company and partners to facilitate domestic and international expansion. The Chairman of the board ensures effective communication with the shareholders, and much more.

Born: 1972

Term of Office:  Chairman of the Board of Directors since 08.05.2016.

Other Directorships: 

Oterhals is a member of the board of directors in Scandinavia Online AS.

Work experience: 

Oterhals has been following Ocean Hub AS since 2015 and plays an advisory role in the developments of the company’s product and technology developments.

He is currently a strategy consultant primarily targeting the media business. Oterhals was for several years a member of the management group of both the newspaper Verdens Gang and its owner, Schibsted Norway. In the latter he had the role as SVP Video. He’s also filled positions as CEO and editor of VGTV and before that VG Multimedia, the company who owned and ran the largest web site in Norway.

Oterhals started his career started as a web developer, and has kept in touch with development and technology trough all of his management positions — using that both as a strategic tool and as a core competency for any business development today. As such he is as close to a digital native as a person of his age can be, although he acknowledges that he will never be as proficient on SnapChat as his sons are.


Oterhals has a bachelor combining Nordic languages, Literature and PR/Journalism from NTNU and Høgskolen i Volda respectively (1993-1998).


Jo Christian Oterhals is a Norwegian citizen and lives in Oppegård, Norway.

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