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Are you a trade fair or interest organization?

Inspire your community to interact all the time, under your brand

Offer your offshore, energy, maritime or seafood community more value. Strengthen your position as a community player taking advantage of a turnkey online partner concept.

  • Increase the ROI of your community events and overall services for your.
  • Empower your staff, visitors and members to bet the most out of your network. Achieve higher visibility and secure more revenue, on a self-service basis that releases your team to focus on your core activities.
  • Benefit from online communication insights and learn from the best innovators in the business.


Ocean Hub empowers selected trade fairs and interest organizations the ability to present a vast online community platform to their visitors and members, as if it were their own, using their own branding. Key sections from the Ocean Hub platform appear as integral parts of partners' websites, re-branded so they look and feel as if partners created them themselves.

What are your target group’s benefits?

  • Trade Fair Exhibitors become much more visible. Information about their company, identity, knowledge and ambitions is available, where relevant, across Ocean Hub and all its partner sites.
  • Trade Fair Visitors can see a complete overview of the trade fair, its events and participants in one place, making it easy to plan what they want to do, where to go and who to meet to build their professional networks.
  • Everyone gets the convenience of being able to update their information just once. Any visitor, exhibitor or organization member can update the information’s about their company, identity, knowledge and ambitions in one place and the results are reflected immediately across Ocean Hub and all its partner sites.

What are the benefits for Ocean Hub partner fairs and organizations?

Trade Fairs are able to extend the value they offer, allowing visitors to interact before, during and after the event itself.

  • More capability to connect with participants.
  • Increase the impact of the trade fair, beyond the actual event.
  • A more effective event experience because the background to participants is all available in advance online, meaning participants can take conversations further, faster to build trust and close deals.

Who is Ocean Hub?

Ocean Hub is the online community for the ocean industries. The ocean industries is a global knowledge cluster - with the maritime, offshore and seafood industries at its core. Ocean Hub connects the industries people, companies, advanced research institutions and competent risk capital players - in one single online platform. Also, key emerging industries - such as ocean energy, ocean mining and new seafood belongs to this knowledge super-cluster.

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OceanHub is the Ocean Space knowledge community, where you can:

  • Increase your ocean knowledge, influence and network
  • Connect with ocean users, groups, brands and much more
  • Have a profile, newsfeed and access to read and post articles