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The Ocean Space

The Ocean Space is a superordinate approach to what traditionally has been referred to as the world of ocean related industries. It’s becoming established as the overall term of a knowledge eco-system connecting a wide range of disciplines and participators.

Our fast growing population needs more food and energy . Due to the increasing climate challenges, food shortages and resource exploitations, we need to explore new ways to achieve sustainable growth. The Ocean Space is a big part of solving these challenges.

Our Blue Planet

The Ocean Space represents our biggest reservoir of food and energy.
70% of our planet is covered by water, 80% is deeper than 3.000 meters and 90% is unexplored!

A global knowledge cluster

“Superclusters” like the Ocean Space are characterised by a high concentration of innovative industrial actors, interacting closely with advanced research institutions and competent risk capital players. The entire value chain drives new growth through new innovations, by pushing the knowledge frontiers
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