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8 months ago

Gas compression process brings subsea factory concept a step closer

The subsea wet gas compressor has been installed in a satellite field linked to the Gullfaks C platform in the Norwegian sector of the North Sea.
President @ Ocean Hub As
9 months ago

Razor-sharp innovative shellfish dredger

Razor shells and clams, also known as spoots, are regarded as a gourmet delicacy with their soft, sweet-tasting flesh much favoured b... Read More
Ocean Corporate Innovation changed their group cover
9 months ago
Ocean Corporate Innovation changed their group logo
9 months ago
President @ Ocean Hub As
9 months ago

Safer sailing with forward-looking sonar

New navigation technologies and major safety improvements have reduced many of the risks associated with sailing at sea.

Situation... Read More
President @ Ocean Hub As
9 months ago

Advanced navigation and observation systems

It's where information from all areas of the vessel combines to provide a clear, comprehensive overview of operations which... Read More
President @ Ocean Hub As
9 months ago

Floating wind turbine to exploit offshore power

Approval has been granted to a second generation floating wind turbine foundation which has been developed to produce clean, sustainable energy in prev... Read More
President @ Ocean Hub As
9 months ago

Tide prediction optimises ship schedules

Many ports around the world are subject to significant variations in tidal predictions due to changing weather conditions which often cause sudden, une... Read More
President @ Ocean Hub As
9 months ago

Ocean Energy Technology Portal will improve safety

A web-accessible database that provides a comprehensive catalogue of cross-disciplinary technology and industry research from diverse sources w... Read More

President @ Ocean Hub As
10 months ago

Artificial intelligence systems get ready

If you are fortunate enough to be taking a cruise on either of the Costa Group's AIDAprima or Costa Diadema ships dur... Read More
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The purpose of this group is provide a place for people with interest for Ocean Corporate Innovation to share knowledge, build their network and engage with each ot...

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