N sréké Fidéle konan

AB on Tide water Ivory Coast 4 months ago

Hello everyone.
I would like to know the difference between safety and security? Can someone help me?
Looking forward to your reply, please accept the expression of my deepest respect.

  • I think you might also have a look into ISM Code (safety) and ISPS Code (security).

  • In some contexts the USCG has had two categories to group some of its missions: maritime safety, and maritime security. Similar to how R.Agrawal described in his post, the safety category has to do with non-hostile or non-attack factors such as search and rescue; crew and passenger health, protection from adverse weather, both of which include personal protective equipment (PPE) and other gear; Aids to navigation; Accident investigations; Safety regulations; etc. The security category is about national defense readiness, response, and law enforcement. Other than that, maritime dictionary/thesaurus and other sources might provide insights. Hope it helps.

  • I would like to say thank you to all who by their answers allowed me to make the difference between safety and security.
      Before I was confused but now after your various interventions I was able to lift the veil on this issue.

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