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N sréké Fidéle konan

7 days ago

Hello everyone.
I would like to know the difference between safety and security? Can someone help me?
Looking forward to your reply, please accept the expression of my deepest respect.

  • Hi Sir Safety is all relating the safe manning if a vessel like firefighting and lifesaving and is comolying with the SOLAS while Security is related all procedures to be taken to avoid any terrorism or piracy event complying with ISPS

  • There is same building ( avoiding dangerous cases ) with different doors (safety and security).

  • In my opinion, in the maritime world, Security is preparing and preventing against external attack from outside parties such as robbers, pirates etc. while Safety is preparing and preventing accidents and injuries to oneself and others from causes such as fire, slips and falls, explosion, cuts and bruises, enclosed space hazards etc. If persons on board are secure against external threat then they are safe. However, if they are safe does not mean that they are secure. Security is one aspect of safety.

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