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26.11.2019, 08:00:52

The end of rudder cavitation damage

As any shipowner knows, a ship’s rudder is particularly prone to damage caused by erosion and corrosion. The problem features more prominently in high speed container carriers and other fast ships, which are more seriously affected than slower vessels. However, it is a potential problem and hazard for all ships and boats. This problem results in frequent, costly repairs to or replacement of this vital part of the ship’s underwater equipment. So far, the bulk of efforts to relieve this problem have not been fully effective.

The ideal approach to cavitation erosion would be a protection of the rudder which prevented any such damage from occurring. This solution does exist and is called Ecoshield.

Ecoshield is designed for use on rudders, bulbous bows, stabilizer fins, kort nozzles and other underwater gear which requires special protection. The coating has proven 100% effective in protecting all running gear from cavitation.

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