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14.10.2016, 07:04:02


Marine Travelift Inc.has announced the delivery of its200CII mobile boat hoist toPacific Marine Center for use attheir facility in Anacortes,Washington. Pacific MarineCenter is a full service boat yardhandling commercial fishingboats, tugs, and pleasure craft.

There were two majorgoals Pacific Marine Center wanted to accomplish with the purchase of the new 200CII boat hoist according to Dave

Marshall, Sales Manager at Kendrick Equipment the certified Marine Travelift distributor forthe Northwest region of North America.

“The customer wanted to penetrate new markets and attract an entirely new class of boatto Anacortes,” Marshall explained. “With the Marine Travelift mobile boat hoist they can pickfull capacity with the slings in any position, allowing them to target the shorter and heavierfishing boats they haven’t been able to haul in the past.

Expanding their capabilities and targeting these specific size fishing boats is alsoallowing Pacific Marine Center to accomplishing a second goal of theirs.

“Another goal they had was to build a fishing vessel repair business in Anacortes, agateway to the Pacific Ocean,” said Marshall. “The new mobile boat hoist will allow them toservice a strong fleet of commercial vessels that operate throughout Alaska, Canada and the San


”The new 200CII mobile boat hoist is a major component for Pacific Marine Center toaccomplish their goals but there were also challenges with the yard itself.

The boat hoist needed to navigate a slope between the two yards at Pacific MarineCenter, which has an incline greater than what a standard mobile boat hoist can handle, and hadto work faster while staying fuel efficient.

Marine Travelift’s team worked closely with Kendrick Equipment and the Pacific MarineCenter team to customize a boat hoist that would meet all the customer’s needs. The result is avery specific 200 ton capacity hoist with upgraded drives to handle the slope, dual range hoistspeeds for faster more efficient work, and automatic variable throttle to keep fuel consumption ata minimum. As a bonus, the package selected also included radio remote control with loadreadout right at the operator’s fingertips.

“The upgraded drives allow the customer to maximize their use of the boat hoist,”explained Marshall. “And the dual range hoist speed is essential for efficiency, especially withthe twenty foot fluctuations in tide they experience.”

The new Marine Travelift 200CII mobile boat hoist will allow Pacific Marine Center tomaximize efficiency and achieve the goals they have set forth. Fishing vessels and pleasure craftowners alike in the Pacific Northwest will be able to share in the benefits and the new boat hoistwill help Pacific Marine Center with their mission to “foster lasting relationships with everycustomer”.

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