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Subsea Industries BELGIUM
03.10.2019, 14:00:40

Comply with environmental regulations thanks to our performance technology

Our underwater coating systems offer a TBT-free, copper-free and biocide-free solution for the protection of your vessel. Our protection and performance systems are the Best Available Technology for reduction of fuel consumption, GHG and other emissions through improved hull hydrodynamics and fouling control.

100% non-toxic: Stringent independent tests were carried out to provide scientific data and to authenticate the non-toxicity of our coatings.

Getting rid of repeated environmental hazards: All our systems require just two layers forming a homogeneous protective coating. They are applied once in the life of the vessel which is a major advantage compared with other coatings.

Easy and environmentally friendly fouling removal: Several economically important ports have made an exception to their ban on underwater cleaning and this only for our coatings.

Fuel savings reduce ecological impact tremendously: If 80% of the world fleet would switch from biocidal antifoulings to our coating systems, this would save an estimated 28.5 million tonnes in annual fuel consumption and 90 million tonnes in annual CO2 output.

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