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19.09.2019, 07:00:40

Both permanent and temporary rudder repairs now possible underwater

We perform repairs at anchorage or while the vessel is berthed on any type of rudder without interrupting cargo operations. In most cases these repairs are permanent and do not require follow up.

For a long time permanent in-water rudder repairs were not possible. This meant that ships had to drydock whenever a major defect was found. To remedy this Our R&D Department has developed lightweight rudder repair equipment that can be mobilized within hours to any port in the world. This allows engineers, welders and inspectors to perform their tasks in dry conditions with the vessel still afloat. 

In this article we give an account of some of the more important recent underwater rudder repairs performed by our teams. This showcases the wide variety of repair solutions we can offer to shipowners

Rudder cover crack repair in Rotterdam

An underwater inspection revealed cracks in the welding seams of both rudder cover plates of a 144-meter tanker. To prevent the pintle nut from corroding, the classification society gave the owner a very strict deadline to have the damage repaired. We were contacted to come up with a repair plan that could be carried out very quickly and afloat in Rotterdam.

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