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Subsea Industries BELGIUM
12.09.2019, 14:00:26

Reasons for switching to a washable coating

Ecospeed is a washable hard coating system designed to withstand the rigors of ship use for the life of the vessel. It is completely inert and contains no biocidal or toxic material. Ecospeed's strength and durability is created by the presence of glass flakes within the coating.

The “Wash before you go” strategy is the complete answer to the problems of NIS and biocidal contamination of the marine environment. The strategy becomes possible because the coating has extreme durability and is completely non-toxic.

Ecospeed is in fact designed to be cleaned as often as needed. This cleaning allows the coating to always operate at peak efficiency – saving further money for operators and reducing GHG emissions.

Switching to Ecospeed has many additional benefits for shipowners. 

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