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28.02.2019, 07:57:38

How to find and explore Events?

Inside a community we have event type of channels which gathers all informations posts and all the informations regarding that event. So all the events have a profile page which described everything. We will discuss how to find those events inside a community.


When inside a community at the top left corner there is a Menu option on the right side of the logo indication by three parallel lines. Clicking on there will show the user all the menu options of them one menu option will be Events. By clicking on there we will be able to visit the full listing page of all the events & explore them. 

On the left panel also under the explore section you will be able to find the events link. By clicking you will be able to go to the event listing page. 

Another option is to search the event name you want to explore from the top search bar and you will be able to find the event and explore. 


  • Open the application. 
  • Open the left drawer by tapping on the logo on top left corner. 
  • Go to the last explore slider on the left drawer. 
  • All the explore pages are listed. 
  • Tap on the event option. 
  • It will redirect you to the event listing page. 
  • Where you will be able to find all the events listed in the community and explore them. 
  • You can also search the event name on the universal search and explore that specific event. 

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