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27.02.2019, 05:48:53

How to schedule the publication time of my article?

There is a special feature for the members who posts article inside our community. Now users can schedule the time of the article when he/she wants to post it. Till that time it will be saved as a draft and then when the time comes the article will be posted for the community automatically. Just follow the steps to do it. 


  • Finish the content of the article. 
  • Click on the publish article button at the top right corner of the page. 
  • Finish pop up will come after click on publish button. 
  • At the bottom of the finish pop up there are two options on the left it is Schedule Publication and at the right publish immediately. 
  • Select the Schedule Publication option it will show you a place where you will be able to set your desired date and time of publication. 
  • Set the date and time. 
  • Click on publish article. 
  • Article will be saved in user's profile & will not be shown to anyone. 
  • When time comes it will be published automatically. 

This is the process following which you can schedule the publication of your article on a specific later date & Time. 

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