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26.02.2019, 14:29:34

How to save a draft of a new article?

When you haven't finished the article but you have written a good amount of part and want to save it for now you have the option to save as draft and finish it later on. JUst by following the steps you can do that. 


  • Proceed with the article as far as you want. 
  • Click on the three dot option beside the publish article button at the top right corner. 
  • Choose the save as draft option. Click on it it will be saved automatically in your profile and you can finish it later by just editing it. 
  • Another option is to click on publish article. It will redirect the user to the final pop up there at the bottom of the pop up two options will be shown. Publish article and Save as Draft. 
  • Click on save as draft. 
  • Your article is now saved properly and not posted. User will be able to post it later when he/she wants to. 

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