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7 months ago

Stern tube seal repairs above and below the waterline

Recently our men carried out six stern tube seal operations all across Europe in a very short time span. In the latest issue of our magazine we published an article about two of those. You can also read the article on our website.

In Flushing the four damaged seals of a 268-meter container vessel were replaced underwater with our flexible mobdock technique. In Antwerp a seal operation was performed on a trimmed 185-meter general cargo ship. Both repairs were carried out in cooperation with the OEM.

Both these operations are good examples of how we use our experience and know-how to offer the best solution for a specific situation. In the first example an underwater seal replacement using our flexible mobdock technique was the only option, but for the second vessel trimming was more efficient.

We aim to reduce cost and off- hire time for customers while maintaining the highest safety and quality standards of repair and maintenance. This is true whether the scope of work entails a smaller operation with a limited time-frame, or more complex repairs that usually take a lot more planning and require the construction of specific equipment.


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