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8 months ago

Hydrex reinstalls bow thruster underwater without delay to the ship’s schedule

A month after we removed the bow thruster of a 300-meter container vessel our men once again mobilized to Italy. They reinstalled the overhauled unit underwater with the use of our flexible mobdock technique.

The available time window for the removal of the bow thruster in October was very short because of the tight schedule of the vessel. For this reason the job was split in parts, performed in different ports.

The time frame for the reinstallation was slightly larger, allowing our team to carry out the job during a single stop of the vessel. The divers used our flexible mobdocks to close off the thruster tunnel once the overhauled bow thruster had been brought into the tunnel.

All water was removed from the tunnel. This created drydock like conditions for our divers despite the vessel staying afloat. The team then secured the unit and connected it to the engine room. Once this was done the thruster propeller blades were installed one by one. With the thruster blades in position the ship was ready to sail.

Our men worked in shifts around the clock to finish any job as fast as possible. As a result the charterer did not have to worry about his vessel’s schedule.


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