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9 months ago

Propeller blade removal and reinstallation keeps ship out of drydock

An oil tanker needed its four propeller blades overhauled during a stop in Ghent, Belgium. We therefore sent a team to the vessel’s location to remove the blades on-site and reinstall them when they returned from the workshop.

The operation was carried out while the vessel was alongside and trimmed so that the blades could be surfaced one by one. Our men started the repair with the installation of chain blocks to rig the first blade. They then removed the blade bolts and lifted the blade. A blind flange was installed to prevent water ingress during the overhaul. The ship crew then turned the propeller 90° to surface the second blade. Our technicians repeated the same procedure on the four blades

While the blades were transported to the workshop and overhauled, our team carried out several other operations on the vessel. A full inspection of the propeller hub was done, as well as an inspection of the blade carriers and the propeller shaft. They also installed anodes on the rudder. By combining these operations, time between the removal and reinstallation was used as efficiently as possible.

When the blades arrived back on location, they were installed using the reverse procedure. The operation was finished swiftly to enable the owner to sail his ship with only the bare minimum of delay. No costly drydock visit had to be planned.


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