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Gamification is a part of our system that measures the activities of your activity and give you points based on how much the activity is worth.

It is also used to measure users contribution over time on a community. This is especially needed in new public communities where you need a certain amount of engagement to know if it will succeed.

Why do I need it?

  • Boost productivity
  • Improve employee engagement
  • Reduced Absenteeism
  • Increase knowledge
  • Influence behaviour
  • Increase chances of reaching goals
  • Speed up time to competency

It just makes it more fun to participate and can motive you and other to participate more!

How does it work?

Our gamification is based on actions that gives reputation. Reputation being the number to measure your contribution to the site. 2

Note that you can only get max 200 reputation points per day.

You will not get points for making a reply on a comment.

*You can max get 200 reputation per day. Association bonus is not counted to this.

** The Association Bonus is a block award of 100 reputation granted on all of a user's community profiles, including ones created after the bonus is awarded. It is awarded when a user's account has accumulated 200+ reputation on any one site in the network, provided they have at least two platform accounts. This bonus gives users who have shown some basic understanding of how our system works a boost past the initial site restrictions on sites where they have low reputation.


When gaining reputation you also get levels to show off your points. The higher the level the more likely you will be awarded privileges.

Coming features

- Privileges. Admins can give users privileges (access to certain features) if they have enough reputation.

- Badges. Users will automatically receive badges for doing certain tasks in a given timeframe or repetetive tasks or specific unique challenges.

- Up and downvoting replaces likes and has a dynamic way of working with the gamification. Getting upvotes gives you points (indicating that the content helps the site) and giving a downvote removes points from the poster and from yourself as well. You have to sacrifice a small amount of points to downvote. This indicates the post was not relevant for the community. And the upvotes and downvotes are summed, giving a democratic way for the community to find trending and relevant content.

We hope you enjoy using the community even more now that your participation is more apparent! Let us know if you have any suggestions on how to make it better!

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