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10 months ago

Joining forces to connect communities

OceanHub’s community platform will be available on Kognifai as Kongsberg Digital and OceanHub becomes partners

Kongsberg Digital and OceanHub have both built cloud-based digital systems to enable connectivity. We are now integrating the two platforms to supercharge communities. When your community needs to connect, communicate, share knowledge, interact, collaborate, and more – we have you covered.

Who is it for?

The community platform is a SaaS (software as a service) that is custom-made to help communities of any size or form reach their unique goals. The customers range from internal communities, such as private groups, teams, and workplaces, to shared or public communities, such as innovation clusters, collaboration networks, knowledge hubs, member organizations, media owners, and event organizers.

Makes communication easy and efficient

The software brings all your community communication together, helping everyone feel connected no matter where they are, by providing a common space for sharing, organizing and accessing knowledge and conversations.

Simplifies collaboration

Cooperate in channels, collaborate around tasks, share knowledge, and discuss ideas one on one, in groups or community-wide. Community members can collaborate in closed, secret or public communities for both their external and internal collaboration needs.

Helps all community members find what they are looking for

You don’t have to attend every arena to meet or stay informed. The community software builds a searchable archive for your community users, posts, articles, conversations, groups, events, brands, decisions, and work, making the knowledge accessible to everyone involved.

Enterprise options for advanced needs

With advanced customization and administrative features, the community software's Enterprise Matrix brings the power of the community platform to large, complex user-groups and to meet business demands.

The software integrates with your productivity, process and business tools, and supports single sign-on for your community. You can also build your own integrations with our open API to keep your users and processes coordinated and working faster. Furthermore, the Enterprise Matrix provides the option to white-label your own community platform to your private brand and streamline both your legacy and future digital business models.

Explore the Community Platform SAAS in the Kognifai Marketplace here.

“We look forward to working closely with OceanHub to help communities grow. Their platform compliments Kognifai’s value offering and enales us to provide innovative solutions that will support the unique community needs our customers have for connecting and sharing knowledge,” said Vigleik Takle (article top image), Vice President and Commercial Manager at Kongsberg Digital.

Vigleik Takle, Vice President and Commercial Manager at Kongsberg Digital

“We need better ways of connecting the enormous amounts of data the communities represent. The technology partnership with the Kognifai platform and Kongsberg's international reach and commercial channels take our community offering to the next level,” said Christian Teigland, Chief Executive Officer at OceanHub.

About the parties

OceanHub is a software technology provider enabling communities to connect. They have developed an interactive community software as a service that connects users and content efficiently and engagingly.

OceanHub also utilizes the platform for their own community: Oceanhub.com is a live example of a community platform serving as a global knowledge cluster for the ocean spaceSimilarly, the flexible platform technology can be set up according to each customer’s unique needs.

Kongsberg Digital is a provider of next-generation software and digital solutions to customers within maritime, oil and gas, renewables and utilities. Kongsberg Digital is a leading company within internet of things, smart data, artificial intelligence, asset management, automation, and autonomous operations.

Kognifai is a digital ecosystem developed by Kongsberg Digital and designed to support collaboration and knowledge-sharing between the users of Kognifai.

Explore the Community Platform SAAS in the Kognifai Marketplace here.


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