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Schlumberger UNITED STATES
1 year ago

Schlumberger Introduces New Perforating Gun System

Tempo instrumented docking perforating gun system increases well productivityby efficiently deploying maximum payloads

Schlumberger:  Schlumberger today introduced the Tempo* instrumented docking perforating gun system at the SPE/ICoTA Coiled Tubing and Well Intervention Conference and Exhibition. This groundbreaking combination of a plug-in gun design with real-time advanced downhole measurements enables and monitors the well’s dynamic underbalance to create clean perforations that boost reservoir productivity.

The proprietary docking components of the compact gun system streamline the deployment of up to 40 guns for selective initiation to efficiently perforate multiple reservoir zones with a maximized explosives payload in a single trip in the well. The Tempo system has the flexibility to accommodate most perforating gun sizes and shaped charges. The simplified arming process increases safety and reliability by eliminating the variability introduced by wellsite crimping and wiring, which are the primary causes of misruns and misfires.

“The Tempo system delivers a major step in improving wellsite safety and operational efficiency as well as providing real-time measurements in perforating operations,” said Djamel Idri, president, Wireline, Schlumberger. “By optimizing the dynamic underbalance in the well to minimize or eliminate perforation damage, customers will benefit from increased hydrocarbon production through better-quality perforations providing improved connectivity between the reservoir and the wellbore.”

The innovative design of the Tempo system was extensively tested by an independent third-party organization to qualify as an API RP 67 Group 2 initiator for use without having to establish radio frequency (RF) silence at the wellsite. Operational risk is also mitigated by the ability to confirm system integrity both at surface and downhole, prior to positioning at the target interval.

The Tempo system is being deployed worldwide following field trials in Egypt, Oman, Kuwait, Algeria and Ecuador. In Egypt, the Tempo system’s onboard diagnostics and RF filtering technology provided operational assurance and RF protection during 11 perforation runs with no impact on simultaneous operations.

For more information on the Tempo system, visit www.slb.com/tempo.


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