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1 year ago

Fast underwater bow thruster repairs keep ships out of drydock

Hydrex diver/technicians can perform a wide range of repair or maintenance work on all types of thrusters. An entire unit can be overhauled, propeller blades or seals can be replaced or repair work on a specific part of a thruster can be performed on-site. All of these repairs can be carried out without the need to drydock the vessel.

Hydrex: Bow thruster operations are carried out using lightweight flexible mobdocks that close off the thruster tunnel on both sides. This allows divers to work in a dry environment around the unit. All operations can be carried out in port or while the vessel is stationary at sea and normal commercial activities can continue without disruption. An animation of the procedure used can be viewed here.

If a thruster is to be repaired in drydock, the unit is usually removed after the ship docks. In that case the vessel has to wait while the thruster is repaired before she can undock. Hydrex can however easily remove the unit on-site before the ship comes in. The thruster can then be repaired in advance and will be ready for reinstallation when the ship comes into drydock.

Some examples of recent thruster operations can be found here and here.


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