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09.06.2021, 12:00:25

Immediate worldwide service for underwater seal repairs

We have developed a flexible mobdock repair method that enables the underwater replacement of all types and sizes of shaft seals. This technology has been successfully used for many years and just recently our diver/technicians performed stern tube seal repairs in Antwerp and Tasmania. Keep an eye out for a more detailed article on that last job in one of our upcoming magazines or digital newsletters.

All shaft seal repairs we offer are performed in cooperation with the OEM. We usually supply the equipment but the owner is free to supply his own OEM seals. We can handle all type of seals from all manufacturers.

Leaking seal assembly fixed underwater in Antwerp

One of our diver/technician teams carried out an underwater stern tube seal repair on a 300-meter container vessel berthed in Antwerp. The ship was suffering from an oil leak, making an immediate repair necessary. Using a Hydrex flexible mobdock the team was able to carry out the entire operation on-site and underwater, saving the owner an expensive and time-consuming trip to drydock.

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