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Sergio Manzetti

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+47-576 95 621

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Writing about the use of technology to reduce the extent of damage from oil spills at sea.


Master of Life Science and Biotechnology at Queensland University of Technology. Current guest-research position at Uppsala University, field of environmental remediation and nanomaterial simulations. Apply high-performance computing in the field of molecular dynamics studies to study properties of pollutants. Methods for remediation are simulated and tested on computer clusters. Research is conducted on systems for bio-nanotechnology, nanoscience, molecular systems in petroleum degradation, combustion and emissions.

My Company

Fjordforsk AS

Address Midtun
Zip 6894

About Us

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Fjordforsk A.S. is a research institute which participates in technology development in the fields of applied nanosciences, bionanosensors, environmental remediation with emphasis on off-shore and on-shore sites.

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  • Research Division

    Sergio Manzetti


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