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Wanted: Problems that need solving in the "Ocean Space"

4/5 members of Team Blue Horizon source: VGSamuelsen, X2 labs
Vicky Green Samuelsen

17 Oct 2017| 21:04 (GMT+1)

Wanted: Problems that need solving in the "Ocean Space"

How I joined X2 Labs- Ocean Space Program and how you can help us create a startup in the "Ocean Space"

Yesterday I walked into the X2 Labs - Ocean Space Program (Day 1 of the 4 week accelerator program) roughly 1.5hrs late and walked up to the first group I saw and asked who I could speak to in order to sign up.Luckily, I just happened to direct that question to the X2 Labs co-founder,Christian Rangen, who basically said he was someone I could ask and BTW congratulations your in. (Meaning I had just bypassed ~150+ other applicants who faced weeks/months of screening and interviews to...
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  • 1. Growing shrimp offshore 2. Pursueing a different approach for growing marine shrimp industry in Africa. 3. Provenance and supply chain, blockchain in shrimp industry 4. Supply chain - seafood communites routes to market. 5. Ways to support implementation of point 3 of the Convention on Biological Diversity.

  • Good luck! I shared some tips with your team :-)

  • Vicky I've been working for some time on a Drone for maritime sector , perhaps we could team up

    • Hi Miguel- my team decided not to pursue drone technology innovation this time but another team did. Would you like me to connect you with them?

    • Hi Miguel. I was on the same program as Vicky and am involved in the team that is looking into Drone technology. Give me a shout if you want to follow up on this.

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