Thai Union Group
02.01.2020, 13:00:23 (GMT+1)


Students are leaning about accounting skills during a career enhancement program organized by Thai Union. Photo credit: Thai Union

Thai Union Group PCL. held a career enhancement program for 67 secondary students as part of Thailand’s CONNEXT ED project, encouraging them to pursue higher education to enhance their career prospects.

The six-hour activity at the Thai Union factory in Samut Sakhon focused on inspiring the students to continue studying beyond secondary school while also providing guidance on potential career opportunities.

Fifty-two Thai Union employees from seven business units including Accounting, Engineering, Environmental, Health and Safety, Quality Control, Production, Research & Development and Marketing, donated their time to prepare and design the program through interactive activities. These included learning what toppings to add to a pizza; constructing a model building using chop sticks; and conducting role play as a marketer. Students also learned about the skills required for particular careers that appealed to them as well as alternative careers.

“I am proud that Thai Union is part of such an important educational program for children in Thailand,” said Chanappiya Choomjai, Thai Union School Partner in the CONNEXT ED project. “Every employee who volunteered their time put a lot of effort into the program, helping create an event that was not only educational but also fun for the students.”

The program is part of CONNEXT ED, a partnership between the Thai Ministry of Education and private companies, including Thai Union, with aims to minimize inequality in society, develop people’s potential, and increase competitiveness to students in public schools. Currently, Thai Union supports 40 schools through CONNEXT ED across Samut Sakhon, Samut Songkhram, Phetchaburi and Prachuap Kiri Khan provinces.

“At Thai Union, we recognize that education is an important foundation for a better life, and supporting people in the communities where we operate with programs such as this is an important part of our sustainability strategy, SeaChange®”, said Vorarat Lertanantrakool, Thai Union’s Director of Human Resources. “These activities are a great opportunity for children to also learn about occupations in the seafood industry which might be one of their choices in the future.”

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