Captain 3000grt and more UK MCA CEC
6 Jan 2018 17:27 (GMT+1)

When the lifeboat fall are we really safe to go?

lifeboat drills accident still happening and past lessons are not enough.......

In this last days and thanks to the social networks nothing can be hided anymore  and any kind of accidents happening as hitting the pier for a wrong maneouvering, Norovirus cases but most common nowadays are the lifeboats fallen from the boat deck during lifeboat drills which is really unacceptable. All of these events  are immediately reported and in few minutes everybody will know. So this means that something in really going wrong around and we have...
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the self managed vessel is the answer cutting all useless costs if you want to know how this would be possible get in touch with myself
Would be really interesting to talk about this issues but looks like there is no interest in doing the job safe!
1 clearly the sector is suffering but why a proper action has not been taken yet?

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