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8 Nov 2017 18:10 (GMT+1)

ECDIS before watching the monitor are you sure that do you properly know how it works and where are you going?

When as a Captain are you joining your vessel are you really making sure that yourself and your bridge team is fully familiarized with the Ecdis system on board? According the latest accidents and report issued by the various Maritimes Authorities NOT!

Today the MAIB, The UK Government’s Marine Accident Investigation Branch, has released the report regarding the grounding of a mega container vessel in August 2016, and has declared that it was due an inappropriate use of the Ecdis system and lack of a proper following of the Bridge procedures by the Bridge Teams, Even the Pilot which was on board to take the vessel into port was not fully aware of the wrong and poor settings of the ECDIS system on board. This is really unacceptable as a...
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There's so many ECDIS systems, different from each other when it comes to handling them. It sure looks very good when doing the ECDIS training. But handling the ECDIS could be challenging when you're on your first watch after you've departed, you're trying to remember how to use all the good, useful features. // Sten
Yes for this reason a familiarization with the specific Ecdis must be taken before joining the vessel.Some Companies does it some others not and the result is that Officers arriving on board with no clue of how the system is working and this is lead to the event described in the blog

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