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A Remnant of My Business Trip to Dubai. An Assay about Digital Transformation.

The Digital Transformation is supporting and perhaps leading the current understanding that investing in technologies that are known to help with Digital Transformation is a sound economic decision.  

We can't only thinking for the sake of adopting the technology.  Every Business practitioners should do their home work first and using the technology to improve their margins by carefully researching technologies that will have the most positive impact on their operations.

For sure, we need to keep our agility, then when it comes to adopting technologies that have the power to disrupt our operations, we need to first check and see if the technology will bring real value to our organization / company.

In day to day business, when we take a look, if there is one industry that has successfully reaped the rewards of Digital Transformation, that must be the Retail Industry.

We are live in an era of highest growing population of shoppers that are looking to make their purchases on their phone since it is easier and faster. Digital Technologies are certainly disruptive but, we should put it on our mind, it is the key opportunity for innovation. But in certain context, there is remain true, that our values still linger in it's core even more operations took on digital front.

And at last, it came to the conclusion, that we need to extend our culture of curiosity and experimentation, and realizes that Digitalization goes beyond having an online strategy, it is  a Business Strategy. 

How is the best way to do that?

We have to look at different variables, especially in predictive analytics. Once we have the data, then begin to understand what it is the consumers want, and then we can prepare it in line and provide it to them in a faster and more efficient way.

Mobile Apps are the face of eCommerce today, which is not a surprise given the high mobile penetration rate in the market.  We have the data that 61% of people expect brands to tailor experiences based on their preferences . And as an organization, based on that data, then will enjoy 40% higher spends when the experience is personalized.

Data is important, but it is just important, what you do with it? The best result that you can hope to achieve will always come when you invest in technology that allows you to understand the needs of your customers and then use the data that you have collected about them to bring them what they need.

 In a wider sense, to put Digital Transformation in line as the Business Strategy, keep ourselves aware about how to achieve sustainable development. The new strategy should driving everyone with the aims to reach that sustainable development degree, consist with and through important decision such as supporting innovation, effort to reduce carbon emissions, stress on SME, adopting the frame yet a vision of Industry Revolution 4.0, sustainable manufacturing, developing advance skills and establishing partnerships to integrate local business into global value chains in order to increase trade value in the region and globally meaning. 

Sofyan Markarma / Managing Dir. PT.JSAG  ~ LinkedIn Sofyan Markarma ~ Twitter @JohannesSofyan

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