Are Techs Taking Away Crewing Jobs?

Rolls-Royce Future Shore Control Centre source: ROLLS ROYCE SHIPPING TECHNOLOGY
Portia Ndlovu (PhD)

Professor at Massachusetts Maritime Academy 28 Nov 2017| 18:50 (GMT+1)

Are Techs Taking Away Crewing Jobs?

Crewless Ship Technologies & Changes To Traditional Seagoing Jobs

We've all been given the opportunity to see the striking video of the future of shipping published by Rolls Royce. In fact, the video is done so superbly that the one watching may start to feel like they should have paid a box office fee. The point of the video is to show the latest innovations, plans and future technology practicalities that will become more of the seascape of shipping as time goes on. Autonomous (drone) ships controlled by Artificial Intelligence (AI), for example, bei...
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  • Interesting,I so wish I had more maritime background so that I can engage further but instead I am into machine learning and data science,I want to be able to apply it in maritime one day without threatening people's jobs...once again it was a good read.

  • It took decades for Gyro to be mandatory onboard ships and we continue to use century old contracts in todays environment, so do not see Techs taking over Crew jobs any time soon. Shipping industry does not like change.

  • When things go wrong in a maritime environment there is a myriad of potential outcomes and safety cannot be compromised by a potential glitch in the system.

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