SafeWater Technology -- Shipbuilding Cruise Industry Partner for MIOX
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16 Nov 2018 9:46 (GMT+1)

SafeWater is the MIOX® Chlorine Generators/MOS Shipbuilding + Cruise Industry Partner

MIOX® Corporation has been manufacturing reliable and cost-effective on site generators for water disinfection for over 20 years.

MIOX has an installed base of 3,000+ sodium hypochlorite generator and Mixed Oxidant Solution on-site generator installations globally. Royal Caribbean's Harmony and Symphony of the Seas were outfitted with  turnkey areas containing MIOX® chlorine generators. 

MIOX systems are used in multiple applications through a wide range of products, cost-effectively producing disinfection chemistry from 1.0 to 3,000 pounds per day FAC (free available chlorine). With this flexibility, MIOX on-site chemical generators have many applications in marine and offshore applications including:

Drinking water and wastewater treatment

Eliminate biofilm buildup with a single solution thus reducing Legionella risks 

Better efficacy on all waterborne pathogens vs hypochlorite 

Improved crew and guest safety 

Greener supply chain solution 

Lower chemical costs  

Improved operational efficiency compared to using bottled industrial bleach.

At SafeWater, we supply turnkey areas, equipment, training, maintenance and repair, parts and service.

Facilities in Maine, Florida and Turku, Finland.



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