01.03.2019, 08:33:12 (GMT+1)

How to send a new direct message?

Member can send message to a member or group of members.


  1. Go to direct messages section in the left side and choose a member or group of member or create a message group to click on  plus (+) icon.

  2. Enter message in message section.

     a. Click on emoji icon to add a emoji.

     b. Click on attachment icon to attach a file.

  3. Press Enter key to send a message

  OR you can go to member's profile page and click on message button


  Open left slider to go to direct message section

  1. Click on plus (+) icon to create a direct message group or you can choose existing message     group from listing.

  2. Enter message in message section.

     a. Type @ icon to mention a member

     b. Click on image icon to attach a image   

 3. Press send button to send message to member/ message group members.


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