22.02.2019, 11:18:21 (GMT+1)

How to create a new article

Now a days it is very much easy to express your thoughts with the help of new article feature. You can collect your ideas , knowledge and anything interesting and share it with your connections as well as the other members of your community. 

You can post your article on behalf of any channel (Brand/Group/Event) or as just a member article. It very simple and easy to use. let's see how.


Steps to create an article :

  • Click on the profile menu at the top right corner of the web page.
  • Select the Create Article option, click on it.
  • Add a Cover image/ Cover video (With video cover image).
  • Add a Headline for your article.
  • Write the content of the article with all the content.
  • Click on publish article at the top right corner of the page.
  • You can also cancel the article by clicking on the three dot beside publish article and choosing the option Cancel Article.
  • You can save your article by clicking on the three dot beside publish article and choosing the option save as draft.
  • Clicking on publish article will redirect you to the final pop up where you can relate channel, add tags to your article, Schedule your publication when you want to publish the article or post it immediately.
  • You can also save as draft and publish that article later when you want.

Key Features:

  • You can add Text. Bold Italic & Underline.
  • Can add image. Resize image and add caption to the image.
  • Can add video.
  • Can embed any link.
  • Can add quotes.
  • Can Add bullet points.
  • Can add numbering.
  • Can add link to a specific text.
  • Can add different type of headings like H2 , H3 & H4.


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