25.02.2019, 14:09:27 (GMT+1)

How to add more images to my article?

You can add more images except the cover image at the top of the article. This will definitely make your article more attractive as well as it will be a better way to represent your content. How to do that? Let's find out.  


  • After completing one line of text when you want to add an image click enter button. 
  • Click on the plus icon at the beginning of the line. 
  • It will give you two options to add image and add link. Select the add image option. 
  • Browse you local system or computer to find the image you want to add.
  • Select the image and click on OK the image will automatically uploaded to your article. 

Now with the help of the positioning block you can position the image full width or middle or right aligned or left aligned. Choice is your. You can add captions to the image as well by just selecting the image and writing at the bottom of it. 



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