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The Ocean Space plays a key role for Earths future

Christian Teigland, CEO and Co-Founder of Ocean Hub AS source: Ocean Hub
OceanHub AS

OceanHub AS

6 Aug 2016| 11:50 (GMT+1)

The Ocean Space plays a key role for Earths future

It needs a shared digital platform

For decades the maritime, offshore energy, seafood and other Ocean Space industries has innovated, developed and prospered under continuous changing market conditions and needs for Ocean Space knowledge and technology. The Ocean Space industrial players works closely together with the research and financial players, making it a knowledge driven and global community. It plays a central role in solving the Earths fast growing needs for food and energy while simultaneously solving our planets climate crisis. The era of digital platforms is upon us, and the Ocean Space need its own.

There are many ways to acquire Ocean Space knowledge. Either you are receiving newsletters by email, search the web or subscribe to traditional medias, the available digital content is growing exponentially. 

News, insights, data and other content are produced and published with an ever-increasing speed. There has never been more content available, and they are widely spread on infinite different websites, spaces and channels. That is also the problem. 


We believe each Ocean Space player and professional needs an efficient and engaging way to keep track on their unique content interests. The era of mass communication is beyond us. We are tired or being drowned in loads of irrelevant content, and have a lack of the time needed to find the good ones. Furthermore, we are increasingly willing to participate on the digital arena and to interact with our fellows and others with similar interests as ourselves.

Many of us also have commercial needs for reaching out to the right Ocean Space audience with our message. The content marketing boom over the last years has surely contributed to the chaos, but I believe content marketing is the right way forward for the marketers. Traditional ads simply aren’t that popular anymore. Users want to learn, be engaged and to interact with immediate and relevant content and users. Marketers also need to secure their media investment returns, and are craving for strong KPI´s (Key Performance Indicators) and tools to learn from their content performance, and to be able to convert audience into leads.

Said in one word, the ocean content space in inefficient.

Demands for a solution

Imagine a platform that connects the entire ocean knowledge eco-system in one shared digital space. What if we could challenge the status quo by having a shared platform which both makes it efficient to;

  • -consume content, based upon each individual’s personal preferences and Ocean Space interests, and

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