‘Health check’ for offshore wind turbines

An innovative blade inspection technique has been developed which could save owners and operators of offshore wind farms time, money and reduce downtime due to blade damage and breakdowns. source: Cornis
OceanHub AS

OceanHub AS

Norway 1 Mar 2015| 20:32 (GMT+1)

‘Health check’ for offshore wind turbines

New blade inspection techniques will save energy producers time and money

Identifying and repairing blade failures at offshore wind farms is a challenging, time-consuming and often expensive business, especially when the faulty turbines are in remote or deep water locations.Blade damage or failure is one of the biggest concerns for the wind energy industry. A recent study by renewable energy underwriter GCube revealed that the industry spends millions of dollars/pounds each year repairing turbine blades at sites around the world.An estimated 700,000 blades are...
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