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Floating platforms offer solar energy potential

Engineers have developed a floating solar-conversion platform to generate renewable energy from the sun. Its open-bottomed cylinders can withstand heavy waves and stormy weather conditions. source: Technische Universität Wien
OceanHub AS

OceanHub AS

4 May 2016| 0:10 (GMT+1)

Floating platforms offer solar energy potential

Ocean buoyancy systems could provide innovative, renewable power solution

Solar panels the size of football pitches floating on the ocean surface could provide an innovative solution to the world's increasing need for clean, renewable energy.Engineers at the Vienna University of Technology (TU Wien) in Austria have developed a maritime floating energy-producing platform which offers tremendous potential as ocean-based solar power stations.Heliofloat is an open-bottom, flexible floating structure, a lightweight buoyancy unit that can be used to build platforms up to...
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