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21 Dec 2017 14:24 (GMT+1)

Christian Haneborg joins OceanHub as Director

OceanHub strengthens its Board of Directors. Christian Haneborg brings expertise on scaling the product commercialisation, which is the main focus for the company’s next phase.

“I am honored to join the OceanHub board, and look forward to working with this exceptional team”, Haneborg says.

OceanHub have come a long way since its first platform version saw the light just close to Christmas by the end of 2013. The first full operating year (2014) was all about validating its product-market-fit, and the big breakthrough came in 2015. Paying customers started coming that year.

“OceanHub has established a leading digital platform, with the potential of bringing all ocean industries and disciplines together in a new knowledge ecosystem. I look forward to sharing my experiences and contributing to the future direction of the company”, Haneborg says.

After gaining early traction through large industrial pilots, the following year (2016) was spent iterating on and further developing the digital platform. A key process was to make the verified business model highly scalable, which it now is. This year (2017) OceanHub have reached large new milestones, with significant growth in its customers and userbase. Now it is time to pursue the next phase of scaling the commercialisation, where OceanHub plans to strengthen it´s team with more of the best people with commercial, business and product development knowledge.

“It’s inspiring to see what that team already has accomplished, but foremost I am impressed by the speed of development and their ability to adjust the implementation of their strategy. I am confident that the team has what is needed to succeed on a global scale”, Haneborg said.

About Christian Haneborg
Haneborg currently serves as the Chairman of the board of E24, Norway's largest online business newspaper and holds the position as Commercial Director in VG, Norway's largest newspaper. Prior to working in the newspaper business, he worked 5 years in FINN.no, Norway's largest online marketplace with product development and sales.

He received a Bachelor of business administration from Auckland University of Technology in New Zealand and a Master’s degree in management from Norwegian School of Economics.

About OceanHub
OceanHub helps communities to connect, share knowledge and interact in a highly focused, engaging and efficient way.

The company have developed a white-labeled digital community platform, where customers like industry communities, knowledge clusters, events, interest organisations, medias or corporates can licence the technology platform as-a-service.

The community www.oceanhub.com is a use case example of usage of the service, where the company use the platform for its own community - focused on the ocean space (namely called “OceanHub”).

OceanHub´s value proposition includes the white-labeled technology service and it's set of world-class features, but also the ecosystem the platform system represents where users, channels and content can connect across connected communities.

OceanHub´s Board of Directors, as of today

Nils Erik Skarsgård - Chairman
Nils Erik has previously been a Business Developer for Connect Norway (2009-2015), focusing on innovations in global technology and service companies at the brink of takeoff. Among other projects Skarsgård was working with the Connect Springboards for entrepreneurial companies, creating value through the cooperation with many of Connect's main partners and industry networks.

During the last years, Skarsgård has been a member of the Maritime Forum's Innovation Committee. In 2012, Skarsgård was part of the Tech Review and Nomination Team with Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation's SLAB grant program.

For more than 12 years, Skarsgård has been a serial entrepreneur launching six start-ups, four MBOs, seven private placements and three IPOs as the Chairman and shareholder of these ventures.

Formerly, he has been the CEO of Raufoss ASA, Automotive & Defense Group; the Managing Director of Alcatel Telecom Norway and the Global CMO for Nycomed, now GE Health Imaging. Skarsgård has also been a business strategist with Ericsson for seven years in the US.

Nils Erik is a business economist (Siv.øk) and holds an MBA from Arizona State University (1976), US.

Åsmund Johansen - Director
Åsmund is the Co-owner, Board member, Managing Director and Chairman of the Board of Management in USS United Shipping Services AB since 2001. 

USS AB is an operating Holding Company for independent transport companies in 17 countries in Europe as well as South Africa. There are 95 daughter companies, own legal entities under the umbrella of USS AB and owned 100% by, the Holding Company. Johansen is Chairman of the Board and Board Member in all the daughter companies.

Åsmund completed his education in 1967 and started his career at sea in 1968. He soon started to work in shipping, liner Agency, in Oslo in 1969. Johansen has played a central role in the development of United Shipping Services AB and all the daughter companies. He is also The Honorary Consul of Ecuador in Norway. He has a long and thorough experience from shipping and forwarding since early days 1969.

Eivind Teigland - Director

Eivind has been with Ocean Hub AS since the foundation. He has played a central role in the development of the company as one of the two founders.

Eivind is formerly Partner of the international and online maritime trading site for ships, products and equipment broking, Marine Digital Ltd. He was formerly Area Manager for the media sales, marketing and distribution company Norpost AS. In that period Teigland was leading an organization of more than 500 people. He was the General Manager of the international trading company Multi product As and Multi Time AS.

Teigland's maritime career started in 1969. Among other ships, he sailed as the 1st Officer for the shipping companies Leif Hoegh, Mowinkel, Tschudi & Eitzen AS

Eivind is educated in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering. Teigland is also educated as a Navigator from the Vestfold University College.

Christian Haneborg - Director
As presented above. New board members as of the 20th of December 2017.


For any questions please contact:
Nils Erik Skarsgård (Chairman) on +47 414 70 177


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