A wind and sun powered cruise ship

Meeting hotel and propulsion power needs with renewable energy from retractable solar panels and wind generators, the green cruise concept vessel Ecoship is set to make its maiden voyage in 2020. source: source: Peace Boat
Eivind Teigland

Eivind Teigland

President @ Ocean Hub As 10 Jan 2018| 23:28 (GMT+1)

A wind and sun powered cruise ship

Ecoship: a blueprint for sustainable shipping

Its maiden voyage is unlikely to take place before 2020 and cutting of the first steel is seemingly some way off too but the design principles have now been finalised for a vessel that is already being described as the world's greenest cruise ship.Ecoship is a futuristic concept 55,000 ton cruise vessel characterised by its distinctive whale-resembling shape and ten huge retractable solar-panelled sails, retractable wind generators and future-ready hybrid engine. In terms of the plethora...
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