NSK Ship Design
27 Nov 2015 15:28 (GMT+1)

Fish farming revolution

Fish farming revolutionIn conjunction with Nordlaks, NSK Ship Design has designed an aquaculture ship that could be the beginning of a sustainable revolution in the fish farming industry.There is an air of excitement at NSK Ship Design, because they have been quietly working away since June 2015 on a special project for Nordlaks - a project that can be classified as no less than sensational for the fish farming industry.The world’s largest shipOn the drawing board is a ship known as Havfarm (...
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last 49 years ago


Who remembers the Italian sponsored French run (IFREMER - FA) shimp anchored in Monte Carlo for what, two years, back in the 80's?
The name of this project was Pisciculture Marine de Monaco (P2M) in which I had a chance to participate. This was the world first fully integrated off shore fish farm with a hatchery developed into a 150 m. long bulk carrier. In the early 90's we worked on Sea Bass, sea Bream, red drum and Mahi production as the hatchery could change geographic zone, and so species... . The concept was revolutionary, too early, but no doubts this will come back very soon on the agenda. If anyone wish to exchange on this topic: bertrand.kirsch@hotmail.com
I remember of the fish farming ship, but sometime the same idea in a different time has a different success because of the changed conditions.
1 year ago
Fish farming is not new?
1 year ago
However, a few items need clarification, cost of building , operating and maintaining vessel, Method of ensuring fish to not escape and endanger local fish stocls
Very interested idea for sea aquaculture where sea is very turbulent like the northern coast of Senegal. But the problem for our relatively young aquaculture is the cost of building, operating and maintaining such installation
How is this going to be applicable in shellfish ranching under the ocean that is sub-tidal tenure?
History repeating itself,, this looks similar to a "converted" ship that was a salmon farm off the west coast of Ireland that I saw and inspected - sometime in the late 90's I believe.
Hi Blair: Interesting , do you have any photos or additional information about it?
1 year ago
Great design with more flexibility to keep farm sites in better environmental conditions. Truely amazing.
This is wow, amazing and insightful. Great minds keep innovating to support man's need. I wish I could work with interesting purposeful team like Nordlaks. Weldone!
1 year ago
Fantastic innovation from great minds
This is a very interesting project, Thomas! Norlaks and NSK are definitely onto something vital here!

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