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Fish farming revolution

Havfarm. source: NSK Ship Design
NSK Ship Design

NSK Ship Design

27 Nov 2015| 14:28 (GMT+1)

Fish farming revolution

Fish farming revolutionIn conjunction with Nordlaks, NSK Ship Design has designed an aquaculture ship that could be the beginning of a sustainable revolution in the fish farming industry.There is an air of excitement at NSK Ship Design, because they have been quietly working away since June 2015 on a special project for Nordlaks - a project that can be classified as no less than sensational for the fish farming industry.The world’s largest shipOn the drawing board is a ship known as Havfarm (...
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  • Hi Blair: Interesting , do you have any photos or additional information about it?

  • Great design with more flexibility to keep farm sites in better environmental conditions. Truely amazing.

  • This is wow, amazing and insightful. Great minds keep innovating to support man's need. I wish I could work with interesting purposeful team like Nordlaks. Weldone!

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