Naval Group DCNS
26.02.2018, 11:26:43 (GMT+1)

Naval Group demonstrates its expertise as drone integrator and presents its latest innovations at UMEX in Abu Dhabi.

Naval Group will attend the Unmanned Systems Exhibition and Conference (UMEX) inAbu Dhabi on February 25th-27th 2018. This exhibit focuses solely on civilian andmilitary drones and constitutes an opportunity for the European market leader inthe Naval Defence sector to showcase the new rotary-wing air-raid droneequipping surface combatants developed through the partnership with Airbus. 

Naval Group DCNS: Naval Group will present its latest innovations in Abu Dhabi at the UMEX (Unmanned Systems Exhibition and Conference). The rotary-wing air-raid dronedeveloped in partnership with Airbus – VSR 700 - will be displayed on Naval Group’s booth alongwith the demonstration of the deployment of I4Drones® mission system realized in 2017, withthe coordinated deployment, in real time, of 3 drones (air, surface and submarine). With strong,scalable and responsive system architectures, Naval Group successfully developed thisinnovative product specifically designed to adapt to the tactical situation through theexploitation of the data collected by the drones.

Naval Group also demonstrates its technologically advanced know-how regarding theintegration of UAVs in different environments, showing its ability to equip surface vessels andsubmarines with air, surface and submarine drones. This technological progress constitutes anew potential for intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance missions. Due to the complexityof combat systems and the multiplicity of sensors and interfaces, UAVs integrations requirespecific expertise based on the technical knowledge of operational issues and the practicalexperience derived from marine missions.

Jean-Luc Thouvenel, in charge of the Naval Group's representative office in the United ArabEmirates declared: "Naval Group is pleased to present its offer at this premier event. The dronecapacity is an organic component multiplying the potential of the ship in operation; it will becomea true asset for naval forces. We are proud of the maturity of our solutions regarding theintegration of multi-media vehicles, stemming from our own developments as collaborationswith third-party manufacturers. Our know-how is the result of 12 years of R & D and innovation,in partnership with the equipment manufacturers and the service of the French Navy”.

Naval Group started working on naval integration of aerial drones in 2005. The DGA (FrenchDefence Procurement Agency - Direction Générale de l’Armement) commissioned severalstudies to develop this technology and to reach a high level quality in this sector. UMEX is anopportunity for Naval Group to show the successful results of this long-term commitment. 


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