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Remote Controlled and Autonomous Vessels – Now coming.

Tomorrow’s Robotic vessel source: © Rolls-Royce plc.
Juan Pablo Marval

2 Nov 2017| 9:46 (GMT+1)

Remote Controlled and Autonomous Vessels – Now coming.

Many companies are finishing their own systems for a fully remote controlled vessel, completely unmanned architecture

Recently has been successfully tested a remote operation controlled vessel using Wartsilla systems.This is something that has been undergoing for many years, in many variants such as automated controlled Vessel, Autonomous vessel and remote vessel. This is a next step, closer to a fully robotic seaborne.Onboard autonomous ship systems and the Shore Control Centre. Fraunhofer CML Many of them are defined as Unmanned vehicles, case covered by the MUNIN project. MUNIN is the abbreviation f...
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  • On a Marine P&I/H&M insurance point of view with vessels of this kind, the burden liability is really challenging. Will maritime industries follow the same path followed by governments and cars industries? Definitely some international rules as well as B/L's terms and conditions, contract of carriage etc.etc. should be amended, changed and or created ex novo. A massive effort by the international organizations must be done in order to avoid confusion, speculations and increasing of costs for all the logistic chain.

  • It is nice to know this avenue of progress is being pursued.

  • I see this initiative as feasible from a navigation and ship handling point of view, but there are some grey areas like cargo management en route (LNG, LPG, Tankers, etc...) and preventive maintenance. I foresee a period of downtime after each voyage, which may hamper the commercial viability.

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