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A Time for RevolutionsIn the previous Viking Age, 800 years before cars and airplanes were invented, the humans built and used streamlined sailing ships. Thousand years later, we still use the same lump that have to be pressed through the water. We can optimize and optimize the shape of this lump, but we can’t make it energy efficient. Why waste energy pressing a lump through the water when we can screw it?Higher Speed = Reduced ResistanceThe torque of InSvivia’s patented spiral hull make a s...
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How will the vessel behave in rough weather ?
Up to what sea state can this design operate ??
Are there any designs (or ship's artist's impressions) to see ??
What kind of ship design is supposed to be the one that is shown in the main page ??
I am assuming that the bow is on the left side of the picture with the bridge right fwd, It would be interesting to address the points below with respect to motion in rough seas and also manoeurability both at high and low speeds, bowthrusters would need to be retractable. Also the draft with respect to carriage capacity and length could be a concern. It would be interesting to hear the opinions of existing HSC builders and the likes of the USN with an interest in High Speed vessels.

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