16.05.2019, 07:00:40 (GMT+1)

Leaking overboard pipe repaired on-site in Southampton

Last month our diver/technicians carried out a pipe repair on a 200-meter roro ship during her stop in Southampton, UK. The vessel was suffering a leak as a result of corrosion damage to the pipe and a swift on-site solution was suggested by our technical department. 

The repairs were performed afloat. This gave the owner a cost-effective alternative for drydock. Our divers made sure that the service was delivered in as short a time period as possible. The ship could leave Southampton on schedule.

Overboard pipe repairs are vital for a vessel because there is a direct connection between the outside hull and the pipes. This means that any damage to these can compromise the integrity of the hull. For this reason the classification society will very strictly monitor their condition and will demand a fast and thorough repair of the damage.

If this occurs we can offer a permanent afloat solution. Contact us for more information on underwater hull repairs. We are at your disposal 24/7.

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