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Hydrex performs propeller repairs around the world as winter arrives

Our teams regularly carry out cold straightenings, croppings and other propeller blade modifications on vessels around the world.

Winter months usually result in an increase in propeller repairs between December and March. Throughout the rest of the year we also attended vessels for inspections of propeller blades that are broken or damaged by ice or debris

For instance, we sent a team to Italy to inspect a general cargo ship. Its engineers had reported excessive vibration from its five blade, 5m diameter propeller as the vessel returned from operations. The cause of the vibration was two bent propeller blades.

We deployed our in-house developed cold straightening equipment and a dive team to repair the blades. This was done without disruption to cargo operations and the vessel’s ongoing schedule.

If straightening however is not an option, the damaged area of the blade can be cropped and grinded to restore hydrodynamic balance. This was done during an emergency operation on a tanker berthed in Antwerp. A doubler plate installed on the inside of the propeller nozzle had partially detached itself and had severely damaged the four blades.

The doubler plate was first removed to prevent it from causing further damage. Next the four blades were cut underwater, grinded and polished using our patented blade repair tool.

Over forty years of experience with propeller repairs have given us the tools and know how to offer fast repair and modification services to vessels around the world. All types of operations can be carried out fast, fluently and efficiently and this afloat and underwater.

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