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High quality underwater maintenance and repair services

For 45 years Hydrex has pioneered many new underwater maintenance and repair technologies. We have always found ways to solve the problems our customers are faced with. We can assist you with routine maintenance or repair work but also offers larger and more complex repair operations.

Following maintenance and repair operations are performed by our divers on a daily basis:

  • Installation or replacement of anodes
  • Replacement of transducers
  • Propeller buffing
  • Propeller cone fin installation
  • All types of inspections

More information on these type of operations can be found here.

A detailed inspection is an essential start of any operation. A complete assessment of the situation or damage can be made and any needed measurements can be taken. This allows us to create the best possible repair plan for a specific problem.

Larger underwater repairs operations include:

  • Welding repairs
  • Seal repairs
  • Thruster repairs
  • Propeller repairs
  • Rudder repairs

More information on these type of operations can be found here.

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