02.05.2018, 13:00:37 (GMT+1)

Fast underwater repairs using flexible mobdocks

Hydrex is able to perform a wide variety of operations with its flexible mobdocks. These enable us to create a dry environment underwater for our divers to work in. The technology was first used in 2002 and has been further developed by our in-house R&D department ever since.  

Hydrex: The lightweight mobdocks allow for a fast mobilization and the necessary adaptability. There is no need to send the vessel to drydock as all operations can be carried out alongside or at anchorage. Normal commercial activities can therefore continue without interruption.

For many of these operations, we work together with OEMs. The most common type of mobdock operations are seal and thruster repairs or replacements.


With the mobdock technology Hydrex diver/technicians can carry out repair or maintenance work on all types of thrusters. A unit can be removed when it needs to be overhauled. When this is completed, it can then be reinstalled by Hydrex. With the flexible mobdock technology all water is removed from the thruster tunnel. This allows other operations to be carried out afloat as well. For example propeller blades can replaced or repair work on the gearbox can be done on-site.


By installing a flexible habitat our divers create a drydocklike environment underwater around a seal assembly. This enables our teams to perform seals replacements or other work on the housing. These repairs or replacements can be performed on a large variety of seal applications.


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